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This week, Mulgrave’s number of extra-curricular activities have reached an all-time high due to the three scheduled international service trips to Costa Rica, Fiji, and Tanzania.

Shown above is a Tweet, from the account of Mike Olynyk, a Mulgrave science teacher and the chaperone of the Mulgrave Fiji trip. The GeX Programme, or the Global Experiential Learning Project is the operator behind these service trips.
Introduced to the Mulgrave community back in May 2016, the GeX programme gained tractions here at Mulgrave. The purpose of the programme is to “nurture and teach a range of intercultural, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, which will impact students for the rest of their lives”, a programme information brochure reads.

Operated in cooperation with Me to We, Habitat for Humanity and many other amnesty organizations that operate worldwide. Much positive feedback have been received from the past participants of the Mulgrave service trips. Personally, I think is a great opportunity and the experience of a lifetime for anyone. If you wish to learn more about the programmes, please click here. Shown below are more pictures from the trips which are still on going. You can find more photos like these on twitter, using the hashtag #Mulgravetanzania, #MulgraveCostaRica, and #MulgraveFiji

Landing in Vancouver back in August.2013, Being "Fresh Off the Boat" first generation Chinese-Canadian, Yuheng participates in many Chinese superstitious activities. He refers to himself as "culturally peculiar” Intrigued by almost everything in the world, he finds himself working in a darkroom and trying to memorize the periodic table of elements in his free time. "I’m not smart. I just wear glasses."-Yuheng


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