The information contained in this article has not been officially confirmed by the head of the school, please be advised that this is not to replace the official notice given out by the head of school.

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May.18th.2017 Rumours have been circulating recently regarding the change in staff for the next semester, specifically Mr.Pulfer of the science department.
It was confirmed by one of our editors that Mr.Pulfer will be leaving for Stratford Hall School in Vancouver next year. This statement is backed up by another Mulgrave staff and a divisional principal. Mr.Pulfer himself has also confirmed his transfer to Stratford Hall located in Vancouver. He is also offered a leadership opportunity at Stratford Hall. The entire editorial team here, at Mulgrave Gazette, would like to congratulate him for his achievement and extend our thanks and gratitude to Mr.Mark Pulfer, a great teacher for us all.


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