Congratulations to those of you who have submitted your films to the 2017 Reel Youth Film Festival!

Reel Youth Film Festival is a festival that encourages young filmmakers to express their experiences and thoughts through short films. This festival screens films made by youths under 20. The selected films will be screened globally in partnership with youth media organizations, high schools, and community groups.

Films that are submitted are rated under the following criteria:

  1. technical strength 
(acting, script, sound, lighting, cinematography, editing)
  2. message (does the film have a message, how good is that message, and how well is it communicated?)
  3. creativity/innovation/originality (how original and creative were the ideas in the film?)
  4. entertainment value (how well did the film hold your attention? Would you want to watch it again?)

This season, there are in total of 1501 submissions from 93 youth in 16 countries (USA, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, France, Colombia, UK, Argentina, Italy, India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia).

The selection process is being completed by Youth Jury from all over. The final decision will be announced in September.

(2016-2017 Reel Youth Film Festival Trailer) Mulgrave School had a chance to screen these short films from last year’s festival.

For more information about Reel Youth Film Festival, please visit




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