Recently, information was given to our journalists that the school had officially released the list of new staff members of next year. The new senior school principal’s name has also been released. Upon “collaboration” with Google and LinkedIn, here are some trivial facts about your
potential future teacher:

New SS Principal- Dr. Chiara Tabet

Credit:D. McDonald
    Trivial Fact:

Dr. Tabet’s birthday is on April.13th

Dr. Tabet and Dr. McDonald participated in the 2009 protest against Berlusconi

Dr. Tabet is our soon-to-be principal. Graduated with a doctoral degree in philosophy from St. Andrews University, she will be teaching philosophy both HL and SL. She is fluent in English, Italian, and French. Interestingly enough, she is the significant other of our new math teacher, Dr. Darren McDonald. In fact, they taught together in the UAE, and Italy. They married on June 7th, 2007 in Italy.

New Math HL/SL Teacher- Dr. McDonald

Credit: D.McDonald
    Trivial Fact:

Dr. McDonald is interested in photography and worked as an editor for the Oxford University Press.

Dr. Tabet and Dr. McDonald participated in the 2009 protest against Berlusconi

Dr.McDonald is an alumnus of University of Waterloo and University of Western Ontario, graduating with a pure mathematics degree and a doctorate in philosophy respectively. He taught with Dr. Tabet at the Rome International School and Al Bateen Secondary School in UAE.

New English SL/HL Teacher - Ms. Treeby

    Trivial Fact:

Ms. Treeby got 3 As’ in A-Level English, History and Sociology.

Ms. Treeby’s resume stated that her temp job was “Office Angels”

Our writers found out that Ms. Treeby was described by unverified testimonials of her students as “…fun”, and “the most unique teacher I have had”. She graduated from the University of Warwick in Coventry, England with a degree in education, English with drama. She had taught in the Nord Anglia British International School Puxi, China, as an English department head. Although if you ask me, we have a lot of British teachers in our school.

New Chemistry SL/HL Teacher - Mr. Ruse

Credit: Vancourier
    Trivial Fact:

He coaches volleyball.

He makes bad jokes.

Mr. Ruse is a former staff member of York House. He will be the replacement to Mr. Pulfer. He received a whopping 3.78/5 stars on, if you ask me, that is high. Our writers found out that he is a big fan of yo-yo. He allegedly plays yo-yo when he teaches. He is also referred to by his students as “trying too hard to be cool…”. He allegedly also possesses the idiosyncrasy of laughing at his own jokes, as far as replacing Mr. Pulfer goes, I think the school hit the sweet spot.

New Biology Teacher SL/HL - Ms.Shannon

    Trivial Fact:

Ms.Shannon has a cat named Zhen Zhen

Ms.Shannon lived in Dalian, China

Ms.Shannon holds a degree in Science, from the Vancouver Island University. Her hometown is Whitby Ontario. And I will let her tell you the rest: “Since Iwasa child, I’ve always had a keen interest in living things.I would catch and k eep bugs in little container sand annoy my parents with questions about animals and life. After college, I worked as a lab technician but I was not enthusiastic about it.I realized that my career should be focused on what Iammostpassionate about, so I went to university and became a teacher.It seemed natural as I come from a family of educators!I have previously taught in South Korea and China before moving to Malaysia.”

Apologies to Mr.McLeod our writers were not able to find a single thing other than the fact that Mr.McLeod was an attendee of the Newzealand Education Administration Conference 2016. Kudos to you for not leaving any digital footprints! Nevertheless, we will look forward to meeting you.

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