Last Tuesday, the Mulgrave Junior boys soccer team had their first game of the season, where they faced off against the Bodwell Bruins. Physically, the Titans had no size advantage against the enormous opposing team, and while the game may have started off slow for our boys, being the underdogs, in the end, our skill and speed took over and resulted in the boys bringing home their first win of the season and ever as a team. In the first half, Isaac Manji (G9) started off in net and protected the goal remarkably well. At the end of the half, Titans were up 3-0. Luka Assaf (G9), last season’s Jr. Boys MVP award recipient, scored two goals in the first half. The most memorable of the two was an impeccable demonstration of the team’s newfound chemistry where Brendan Yu (G8) took a corner kick and Luka ran into the box and headered the ball into the net. What a goal! Jose Vergani (G9), last season’s Jr. Boys All Heart award recipient, also scored a sweet left footed goal right in the top corner of the net! The second half was a battle as the Bruins came back and scored 2 goals, however, Luka and defensive beast Garrett Dai (G8) were no match for them as the two boys worked together and brought the team two more goals. The Titans took the win with a whopping 5-2 score, and Garrett was recognized as player of the game for his strong defensive presence; his key role is pushing the ball up to Luka who scored 4 of the 5 team goals. What a game! The Gazette sat down with the head coach Kevin Catliff, who was ecstatic over his team’s win. Coach Catliff talked about how the Junior boys team was created only last year, and as a brand new team, they hadn’t won a single game last season. The boys came back this season, with their heads held high, ready to work, train and play hard no matter the results of their previous season.  Being a team of predominantly grade 8 and 9 boys our team is amongst the youngest in the Junior Boys league, but Coach doesn’t have a doubt in his mind about our team going far this season.


  1. Wow Celina,
    This piece is so well written, it’s like I was there at the game. I can vividly visualize all of the plays that were going down. Thank you for letting me in on this spectacular event. Congrats to the Jr Boys!!


    • Thanks Alisha! Please email me personally if you have any requests for games and sporting events you would like to see reported! Go Titans Go!


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