Since you’re here…

Let us introduce to you the unnecessary introduction of the Baguette.

(EDIT BY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: censored text-block of 1500 words.)

More people than ever are crediting the Baguette as the number one prejudiced, but definitely real news source next to the Gazette and Fox News. And unlike many news organizations, the Baguette is grateful enough to not put up a paywall (due to our inability to put up a paywall). Our first article has an astonishing number of views, yet little revenue (especially from Rordon Gamsay).

To worsen the case, one Baguette writer has relinquished his sanity and have not participated at all in Le Moignon Baguette’s advocacy for real news.

So you can see why the Baguette needs your help.

For the price of an overpriced hipster Pumpkin Spice Latte, you can make a gratifying difference.

Due to the headquarters of Mulgrave Gazette (and unfortunately therefore, le Moignon Baguette) being literally miles away from the nearest Starbucks/Tim Hortons/Dunkin’ Donuts/artisan coffee shop, and restricted by the cafeteria to gain access to the rich brown substance, the sole (hopefully for now) Baguette writer cannot sustain for long. The Baguette is seeing a decrease in grammarical value and notions of actual concern in the domain’s writings. Our case is so desperate we had to rely on the Editor-In-Chief of the Gazette to invest in proofreading. And of course, proofreading = censorship.

The Baguette writer, with the last of her strength, is writing her death wish and light of hope on GoFundMe. Stay tuned to see if she survives.

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