The cafeteria, long an issue of contentious debate among Mulgrave students of all ages, has been receiving an abundance of attention lately. First there was the renaming, from the friendly “Caf” to the upscale-sounding “View Café”; then there was the rebranding, mainly by painting the wall a distinct Mulgrave blue. Other noticeable changes include the introduction of soy milk (welcomed by lactose intolerant Mulgravians) and the gradual reduction of fresh vegetables in specials.

Our friends at Senior School Student Voice has been trying to negotiate with the cafeteria regarding occasionally overwhelming student dissatisfaction for the past few terms (at the very least), and finally, we’re proud to report that this issue seems to have moved up the administration’s priority list. During SS Student Voice’s September open meeting, Mr Steffens dropped in to announce that the cafeteria is establishing a student committee in order to efficiently receive student feedback regarding new and recurring dishes. A few attendees and Student Voice members were selected on the spot to create this committee because of the problem’s urgency.

While we’ve yet to see significant improvements in food quality, we’re excited for what this new group’s opinions can bring to the cafeteria. Is change coming? Stay tuned for more updates.

Next week’s specials:

  • Fish burger & chicken cacciatore
  • Reuben burger & sushi
  • Spaghetti meat sauce & pineapple popcorn shrimp
  • Cajun cod & BBQ beef burger


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