On Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017, a group of students volunteers performed at Amica, a senior centre in West Vancouver. It was the first performance of the 2017-18 school year and it was no wonder that the organizer of this group, grade 11 student, Angela Chen—I, the writer of this post—was quite nervous. Prior to the performance, two performers who were originally due to perform on the date had backed out, due to coinciding commitments. In a scurry to find a step-in performer, I settled at last with the wonderfully multi-talented editor-in-chief of the Mulgrave Gazette, Mr. Yuheng Wang. Together, we performed with two more grade 11s (Sormeh Motevalli and Kiana Nariman) and one grade 12 (Jamie Cross). In the audience, we were also joined by Mulgrave’s one (two?) and only, Dr. Tabet and Dr. MacDonald, the senior school principal and math teacher, respectively. I want to take a moment to tank Dr. Tabet for coming and supporting us, even with a sprained ankle!

The repertoire of the 1-hour performance was made up of a myriad of pieces from different time eras. To give you an example, I sang Ava Maria by Franz Schubert, Yuheng played a piece by minimalist composer Philip Glass, and Jaime Cross (grade 12) sang Gary Jules’ Mad World.

I, as the organizer, thinks the group has started the year out on a good note (no pun intended). I started this group intent on finding students like me; people who volunteer to be a part of these performance are all people passionate about music and at the same time, want to contribute something to their society. And we certainly did. At the end of our performance, many of the seniors came up to us and expressed their thanks for our coming and asked us if we are planning to return (the answer to that is yes, in December, to Amica).

Our next performance is in mid-November, at a different location, with a different group of performers. Please contact me if you are interested in joining us, or even the group!


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