Sightings of Mysterious Bulletin Boards Near the Science Dept.

You may have been wondering about the two new bulletin boards which seem to have spontaneously appeared near the school’s Science Department. What are they? To whom do they belong?

Well, the boards are HeadsUp’s of course! Any time there is an event around mental health and wellness, information will be posted on the boards to keep everyone updated. As well, when there’s nothing special going on, there will be some “words of wisdom” put up as reminders on how to manage matters of mental health on a daily basis.

Currently, there’s a poster on the upcoming Talk at the Top Summit which will take place in January of 2018. What’s that, you ask? If you’re passionate about mental health, leadership, and advocacy, click on the link below to find out!

Talk at the Top on Mulgrave SoGo!

And remember folks:


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