Now based in three countries, and actively working in two, Vision Rescue Foundation is a student run, registered non-profit organization with the goal of alleviating eye problems in children from rural areas of China. Through raising money from selling pens and other cool stationary, we seek to provide the means for young children to the access proper care for their eyes and prevent any already-existing diagnosis from progressing.

The most prominent diagnosis among the children we tested is myopia—a condition commonly known as nearsightedness. In fact, reports have shown around 90% of students in China suffer from this. Myopia left untreated will rapidly deteriorate the eyesight of the patient. Students will find themselves unable to see the board, which ultimately will obstruct their learning.

So far, Vision Rescue have helped more than 300 children in rural China. When we visited Quanmen Elementary in July, we provided 20 prescription glasses and 900 medical eye patches to the students. In early December 2017, our Chinese team conducted eye tests at Shimiao Elementary and concluded that more than 80 students need our help.


Vision Rescue China conducting eye tests at Shimiao Elementary


An exciting addition to our foundation is the formation of a new branch in Pakistan! Vision Rescue Pakistan will carry on our purposes and strive to help the children in need. Join us and help our cause at .


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