So you’ve (probably) seen the posters and promotion around the community, but what’s it all about?

Well, on Wednesday, January 31th, Bell will donate to Canadian mental health initiatives by “contributing 5¢ for every applicable text, call, tweet, social media video view, and use of [their] Facebook frame of Snapchat filter.” Be sure to participate because although it might not seem like much, every participant is a constituent of the sum—Bell has given more than $7 million in Community fund grants, $2.54 million in grants for children and youth, $646 thousand in grants for indigenous communities, and $1.25 million in grants for military family support. As well, they have supported 740,145 individuals with access to mental health care—but this is just where the list begins! For more on Bell’s impact, check out their official website on Let’s Talk Day. This year, the Community Fund will grant $5,000 – $25,000 to projects which improve access to mental health care, supports, and services for people in Canada by the Community Fund.

So now you’re probably wondering: well…why? What’s up with mental health?

It’s important to know that everybody has mental health—it’s just that some people experience mental illness. In fact, one out of every five Canadians will experience mental illness at some point. Unfortunately, the stigma around mental illness is the reason for which two thirds of those who have mental illness do not seek the help and support they need—and sometimes it’s difficult to discuss mental illness. That’s why Bell has created a simple conversation guide that can be used to talk with someone who might be experiencing some mental health troubles. See this toolkit for more info!

“The impact of each interaction on Bell Let’s Talk Day has been felt across the nation. Thank you to all those who continue to speak up about mental illness. Let’s keep the conversation going and work together to create a stigma-free Canada.”


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