Smoking is known to be damaging to people’s health, but what measures are being taken to encourage smokers to quit?

National Non-Smoking Week (Jan. 15 – 21)

The Canadian Cancer Society is working hard during National Non-Smoking Week to help Canadians to quit smoking (and encourage non-smokers to avoid it!). Smoking is highly correlated with 16 different types of cancer (most prominently that of the lung), which is why the Society champions stronger “tobacco strategies” on the behalf of all Canadians, funds research studies on smoking and quitting, and provides tips, programs, and resources on quitting smoking.

The Society has prioritized advocation of a more efficacious federal strategy for controlling tobacco, which includes better funding, modernized legislation, and the effectuation of plain packaging regulations (to remove images that would promote smoking from all tobacco packages).

Over the last decade, the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute has contributed more than $20 million to tobacco control research (received from their donors). Below are a few of their researchers’ accomplishments:

  • Influencing Canada’s flavored tobacco policies
  • Youth nicotine addiction
  •, a website to help men quit smoking
  • Changing the policy on patio smoking in restaurants

Tobacco use is held accountable for approximately 30% of all cancer deaths. One of the best things to do for your health is to stay away from smoking.



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