Pink Day is the annual event in support of putting an end to bullying across the nation! On February 28, Mulgrave’s Heads Up Club will be running an Upper School-wide Pink Day event to encourage students to stand up to bullying by not being bystanders. This is a very apt focus for the day as Pink Day originated when students in a high school stood up for a young boy who was being bullied for wearing a pink T-shirt. They did so by handing out pink T-shirts to all the students at their school and successfully deterred the bullies from harassing others. Participants of Mulgrave’s Pink Day are thence asked to wear pink and bring $2 in order to do so—their money will be donated to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Canada and the Red Cross Respect-Ed Violence Prevention Program.

Curious about #PinkItForward?

This month, use social media to say something nice about someone and add this hashtag! $1 will be donated to Pink Shirt Day by Coast Capital for every hashtag out there on the web! The money will be in support of bullying prevention programs for youth. Learn more at!


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