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WARNING: Le Moignon Baguette does not concern other individuals’ “feeeelllingssss” and all works are written for somewhat entertainment purposes. Le Moignon Baguette acts as a practical, convenient, as well as the most biased journalism medium (the 2nd most biased after FOX News, of course) directed towards asinine and earnest readers. These articles are written to draw humour and life out of the little light DP has shed on grade 11s and 12s, and the “horrors” grade 10, grade 9s, grade 8s, grade 7s face in their prolonged and unmerited MYP years. To those who are sane enough to still acquire the consciousness to disregard Le Moignon Baguette articles, the Baguette writers ask them to go about in their daily lives writing their IAs and mapping out their life plan. The Baguette writers recommend readers, however, to see the struggle of one particular writer out of the duo to flounder in confusion with French and the meaning of Le Moignon Baguette. Again, do not expect French articles from at least one particular writer.

The Eileen X is An Artificial Intelligence Mobile that is More Significant than Your Average Mulgravian Learning Career

MDME SOPER'S ROOM - A new technology hype has been going around Wednesday lunch since September. As more and more grade 9s and 10s swarm into the small classroom, they await the arrival and demonstration of the new emblem of intelligence. More specifically, artificial...

For the Price of An Overpriced Hipster Pumpkin Spice Latte, You can make a Gratifying Difference

Since you're here... Let us introduce to you the unnecessary introduction of the Baguette. (EDIT BY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: censored text-block of 1500 words.) More people than ever are crediting the Baguette as the number one prejudiced, but definitely real news source next to the Gazette and Fox News....

Perfect Scrambled Eggs, And “Milk”

  Le Moignon Baguette correspondent/honorary Buzzfeed observer Hestia sat down with acclaimed chef Rordon Gamsay, winner of 19 Bemachelin diamonds in his newly opened restaurant in Seattle. The five hour dreadful bus ride to Seattle, including the overly stringent interrogation at the border, was overshadowed...

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