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Turkey to Sign Major Arms Deal with Russia

MOSCOW•ANKARA—Its first major arms deal with a non-NATO country, Turkey has signed an agreement with Russia to buy S-400 missile defence systems. So far, signatures have been signed and deposits paid. According to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin's military advisor, Vladimir Kozhin, the plan...

Orange Juice Futures up 20% in Wake of Irma

In wake of this weeks hurricane, Florida is expected to suffer form a major shortage of oranges this year as farmers scramble to protect their trees. In response to this, orange juice futures are skyrocketing as investors anticipate this years crop yield. In an interview...

Low Housing Prices?… or Prepared Communities?

Many are aware of the significant damage which Hurricane Harvey cause to much of Southern Texas. However, could the effects have been prevented with proper urban planning? Texas has long been a state where government regulation has stayed minimal. In particular,  the small simple zoning...

Saudi Arabia’s Drumpf Card in the Middle East—Literally

Recently, Saudi Arabia’s blockade of a small, neighbouring state of Qatar, on the grounds that it was a sponsor of terrorism has briefly made an appearance in western media. Saudi Arabia being Qatar’s major supplier for many products and its door to other imported...

“The Breakfast Club” Of Mulgrave: Strenuous Saturdays and Spiritual Sundays

  We all know the typical Mulgrave that it is: an international IB school that extends its reach from young ELC toddlers to grade 12 theoretical adults. Yet, after the end of school on Friday, what is Mulgrave without its students? For a special few days...

UK Election Recapped by a Semi-Informed and Definitely-Not-British Mulgravian

Let me begin this post by acknowledging that I, a Grade 10 Mulgrave student, have no in-depth knowledge of the United Kingdom's politics other that some oddly specific knowledge on Brexit (kudos to Social Studies). I am also a politically biased individual with little ties...

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